Saturday, April 15, 2017

Horn Ensemble Series: Budapest Festival Horn Quartet

Playing chamber music with your colleagues is not only socially and musically fun, it helps bonding sectional playing as well. Once the section is strong and everybody know their respective duties, it only helps each member to become stronger both as a group and an individual.

Berlin Philharmonic Horns and its Four Corners was a good example of a group of horn quartet that came out of an orchestra (from Berlin Philharmonic Orchestra of course).

Budapest Festival Horn Quartet consists of four horn members of Budapest Festival Orchestra in Hungary. Founded in around 1983 by Ivan Fischer, the orchestra comprises of young and upcoming musicians in Hungary. Since then, they have become one of the world sought after orchestra

Budapest Festival Horn Quartet members are from the Festival Orchestra led by Miklos Nagy who is the principal horn of both the Festival Orchestra, and the Luxembourg Philharmonic Orchestra.

According to Nagy (click HERE to read Nagy's interview), the inspiration of this ensemble was after they had heard American Horn Quartet in Barcs competition. They were very active during mid 90's up until around 2010 in which they released two CDs. There are some distinct styles in their playing which separate them from the American Horn Quartet. They are also technically amazing and can play everything with ease.

Explore their YouTube channel HERE for some more amazing playing!

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