Friday, March 17, 2017

Horn Ensemble Series: What happen after 'Give it one'?

After London Horn Sound "Give it one", there were many recordings of horn ensembles that came out. It did not, of course, follow the way the London Horn Sound does.

Here are some interesting ones.

Vienna Horns released two CDs. (All for 12 horns)
- Their second CD is 'A Journey with Strauss, Schubert, Brahms' with a collaboration with ART OF BRASS Vienna.
3rd movement from Bruckner's Symphony no. 4

- Their third CD is a collection of movie soundtracks called 'Director's Cut'.
"Independence Day" from Director's Cut CD

The Hornists of the Berlin Philharmonic released Opera album which consists of arrangements of famous operatic music for 8 horns. More information about this group can be found from my earlier post here.

The Mallet-Horn Jazz Band is a Jazz inspired group based in France. The group consists of 8 horns, a mallet, and a rhythm section. I am not sure if this is true but I have a feeling that this group was inspired by 'Give it one' recording. There are lots of sample tracks on their website as well as on YouTube.

China Horn Ensemble is a group comprise of leading Chinese horn players founded by Yi Man who is the horn professor at Central Conservatory in Beijing. Its member include internally known horn musician such as Xioaming Han of German Radio Philharmonic Orchestra, Xiaoming Han of Singapore Symphony, and Lin Jiang of the Hong Kong Philharmonic Orchestra to name a few. Since there are a lot of emerging horn talent from China, it is no surprise for them to form such a group.

Here is there short introduction video

Do you know any horn ensembles from other countries or regions or any different styles? Do give your comment below!

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